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At The Treehouse and Growing Tree, we strive to offer an alternative and unique program that differs from many traditional academically focused preschools. We believe in the importance of PLAY! We strive to inspire a sense of wonder and playfulness, and build a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  


The following values are very important to us and the families in our Growing Tree & Treehouse community:

Child-Directed Learning: Invitation to play, create, imagine, and participate

-Examples of what you will see: Multiple activities to choose from, children’s interest in the theme will determine how long a unit lasts, toys and activities to fit every interest

-Examples of what you won’t see: Forced participation, black or white answers (telling a child their answer or idea is wrong), lack of encouragement for trying new things

Mixed Age Group

-Examples of what you will see: Children ages 2.5-6 years old, a younger child’s vocabulary increasing from listening to an older child in circle time, a older child helping a younger child tie their shoe

-Examples of what you won’t see: A room of only 2 year olds, a child being told they cannot participate in an activity because they’re not old enough, older children excluding younger children

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

-Examples of what you will see: Free play, potty training when a child shows interest, age-appropriate materials and experiences, allowing children to grasp concepts when they are ready and interested                   

-Examples of what you won’t see: Expecting a child to do as another child their age is doing.

Children learn at their own pace and have their own personalities. Childhood is colorful, not black and white.

Teach, Model, and Use Compassion

-Examples of what you will see: Children helping each other with tasks, teachers modeling kindness, friendships blossoming, allowing children to solve their own problems before stepping in

-Examples of what you won’t see: Adults or older children talking down to or belittling young children, yelling at children, disrespect

Play-Based Learning

-Example of what you will see:  Building with wooden blocks, counting shells and rocks, dramatic play

-Examples of what you won’t see: Worksheets, sitting at desks, raising hands to speak

Nature-Based Learning

-Examples of what you will see: Lots of outside time rain or shine (clothes may get dirty!), wooden toys, natural materials in art and play

-Examples of what you won’t see: Plastic or battery operated toys, excessive screen time, lack of appreciation for nature 

Process Over Product Learning

-Examples of what you will see: Tons of materials and art supplies to explore, creative freedom to make or play what they want, children enjoying the process of learning, art is not necessarily a tangible product

-Examples of what you won’t see: Crafts sent home everyday, strict evaluations and assessments, children’s work to look like an adults or the exact same as classmates

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