Curriculum & Themes

The Year at a Glance

We use a project planning method when it comes to developing our curriculum.  For the most part, themes follow seasonal changes; for example discussing weather, insects, plants and garden, earth, and animals in the spring.  We believe in holistic learning and incorporate all areas of development into our themes and circle times. 


All activities are planned and organized with the developmental needs and learning styles of each child in mind.  Children learn the most from one-another and we believe we are most successful when facilitating open, engaging, and interesting conversation and play. 


A theme/unit’s duration can vary depending on the interest level of the children and may overlap with the next unit. 



- About Me

- Farm & Apples

- The Season of Fall

- Dinosaurs

- Thankful

-Choose Kind



- Petting Zoo Visit

- Archeologist Vist


Field Trip

- Pumpkin Patch



- Holidays

- The Season of Winter

- Animals in Winter

- Peace & Equality

- Friendship & Love

- Community Helpers

- Transportation

- Health & Nutrition



- Firefighter Visit

- Police Officer Visit

- Dentist Visit


Field trip

- Children's Museum


Community Engagement

- Child Haven Gift Drive


Pajamuary! We wear our PJ's all of January



- Weather

- Flowers & Garden

- Insects

- The Season of Spring

- Earth

- Ocean/Marine Biology

- Wild Animals



- Oxbow Farms Visit

- Reptile Man Visit

- Australian Animal Visit


Field Trip

- Zoo


We watch caterpillars turn to butterflies, and hatch chicks and ducklings!



- The Season of Summer

- Summer Activities

- The Northwest/Camping/Bears


- Art

- Fairy Tales


Community Engagement

We have a summer picnic in the park for all families, past and present, and a graduation celebration for those off to kindergarten!

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