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What is the difference between Growing Tree and Treehouse?

The Growing Tree is our home daycare for children under 2.5 and we can accommodate full day schedules. The Treehouse is our 4 hour preschool for children 2.5 to 5 years old. Some families enroll in both schools, or have their younger child at Growing Tree and older child at Treehouse. Contact us if you have questions determining which school is the best fit for your schedule. 

Do I need an appointment to tour?

Yes, we do tours by appointment only. We do not have an office or administrative team, so our teachers are also the people who give tours! 


Are you open year-round?

Yes! We are open during the summer. Since we are a small business, we do close for a 2 week winter break over the holidays, 1 week for spring break, 1 week at the end of the summer, and federal holidays. 

Do you use a waitlist?

Rather than a chronological waitlist, we use a wait-pool system. If a space opens up, applications are reviewed. Desired schedule, start date, the child’s age, and a family’s schedule flexibility all play a part in which child gets the space. Currently enrolled families always get priority for schedule changes over new applicants. If you have the flexibility, we always recommend starting with what is open or as a drop-in until the desired space opens up. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No problem if your child is not potty-trained yet. We have children at all stages of the potty-training spectrum and we will work closely with families to find the most successful plan.

Are children separated into age-specific classrooms?

No, we do not separate children based on age or ability. We have a mixed-age group setting that is interest-based, so children have the freedom to choose which activities they participate in and the duration. Children are always encouraged to try new things, but never forced to do anything they are not ready for. Younger children learn so much from the older children, and the older children learn responsibility and compassion by helping the younger ones!

Do you prepare children for kindergarten and teach ABC's and 123's?

Yes! Although we do not use worksheets or a structured "academic" curriculum, we incorporate math, literacy, and fine motor into all of our activities. Every moment can be a learning opportunity at this age. Social skills and critical thinking develop through play and we find that key to lifelong success.  

How often do children go outside?

Every day, rain or shine for a minimum of an hour. Some days we are outside all day, including eating meals outside, doing art outside, or having circle time outside! Books, Legos, play doh, drawing materials, etc are often available outside as well. The children are usually given the choice to stay out longer or come inside for a different activity. Children are encouraged to bring rain paints and boots, although we have tons of extras! 

Do you go on field trips?

4-6 times a year we have weekend field trips for the whole family! Parents drive their own children and we meet at a location. This is a great time for families to get to know each other! A pumpkin patch in the fall, a children's museum in the winter, a zoo in the spring, and a summer picnic at a park are our yearly events!

We also have weekly, monthly, and yearly in-class field trips! Specialist come to us! We have weekly yoga, creative movement, music, and soccer. Dizzy's Tumble Bus and Kid's Quest come on a monthly basis. A petting zoo, a paleontologist, a dentist, fire fighter, police officer, marine biologist, Australian Animals, and The Reptile Man visit us throughout the year!

How do payments work?

Invoices are sent online through a program called Kinderlime. Payments can be made online, with a check, or in cash. Tuition is charged monthly in advance for consistent schedules, drop ins are charged at the end of the month. Tuition is based on a yearly rate divided by 12 months and is for a space, not per day. Drop-ins are per day or per hour.


What is your discipline policy?

Treating each other with kindness and compassion is our main house rule. As we are aware, kids will be kids! Learning how to treat themselves, each other, and things are all a part of growing up. When discipline is necessary, we will follow our house rules and treat every child with kindness, respect, and compassion. Modeling appropriate and mature behavior is key. We will guide the child’s behavior based on understanding the individual needs and stage of development. Under no circumstance will your child be struck, yanked, shaken, sworn at, belittled or otherwise made to feel threatened (absolutely no corporal punishment).


We do not have a one-size fits all discipline policy because each situation is unique and every child is motivated by different feelings. If an unproductive behavior becomes a consistent issue, or is harmful to other children, parents will be notified, and an action plan will be discussed. Each child deserves to spend their day in harmony, experiencing play, and exploration in a safe environment.

How do you communicate with parents?

We have a few ways we communicate with families! Face to face daily communication is always encouraged at drop-off and pick-up. We text parents during the day and parents can call or text to check in on their child’s day or send reminders. Weekly email updates are sent to each parent regarding curriculum, specialists, upcoming events, and important reminders.  If there is ever any concerns on either end, we will email, call, or set up an in-person meeting. Twice a year, a detailed email will be sent out with information regarding your child’s school progress, about their interests, development, updates, etc. Parent/Teacher conferences are always welcome! We do our best to communicate often and work together with families to help their children have the best childhood possible!

What kinds of food do you serve?

We try to serve mainly fresh and organic foods, and avoid processed, sugary foods. Grains, protein, and fruits and veggies are balanced in each meal. We use Amazon Fresh, so we get our food delivered every few days!

What do I need to bring and what is provided?

Send your child in play clothes that they can get dirty since we do art and play outside every day! Rain gear is recommended, and easy on/off shoes and coats. Bring an extra set of clothes because accidents happen! If your child is in diapers or pull-ups, bring those, however we provide wipes.  Morning and afternoon snacks are included but depending on your child’s schedule lunch may or not be provided. Please contact us for specific times! Your child can bring a comfort item from home, but please leave valuables at home as we are not responsible for items that are lost, broken or misplaced. All other supplies and materials are included.

Are both Treehouse and Growing Tree home-based?

The Growing Tree is a licensed family home daycare. Both Alli and Jessi live there! The Treehouse is in an old house that was converted into a commercial building, however it is still very “home-like”!

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