"I truly believe I’ve found one of the best preschools in the country. The Treehouse is the most imaginative, creative, wondrous and welcoming preschool I’ve encountered in all my research looking at schools in WA and CA. I’m a stay-at-home mom and was looking for a family-style, play-based preschool for my son. He’s now four year old son has been attending since September 2016 when they first opened and since he was two and a half years old. I can honestly say that it’s been a fantastic experience and like a second home for my little guy.


     The space itself is gorgeous; it’s located in a beautiful large house with different rooms dedicated to different activities like story time, play time, sensory learning, arts and crafts and circle time. They also have a huge backyard which is filled with toys, musical instruments, a playhouse, a playground, scooters and bikes, a boat,  and water activities in the summer. The days are structured with different age appropriate play-based activities that follow themes and seasons and on a weekly basis they have specialists that teach yoga, music, dance and soccer. In addition to that they also have special guests that bring “field trips” and other extracurricular activities to the school like visits from the Police Department, Fire Department, petting zoos, etc. Their teachers are fun, engaging, energetic and dedicated to the kids. The owners Jessi and Alli (who have a daycare down the same street), are also amazing and great to work with. I started my son out two days and week and gradually increased to five days a week and they’ve always been a pleasure to work with and accommodating with his schedule and with occasional drop-in space at their daycare when they’ve had the opening and I’ve needed the extra time.


     My son has the best time at The Treehouse and I have peace of mind knowing that he’s in a great school and having a wonderful preschool experience. I feel extremely lucky that I found this place  and I would absolutely recommend taking a tour yourself if you're looking for a unique, quality, independent, play-based, family-style preschool program in the Bellevue/Redmond area."

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jacqueline S.


"Truth be told I was apprehensive about putting my child in preschool at such a young age.  With a baby on the way my husband really felt it would be best for us as a family if our toddler had something to go do every day.  I went to the Parent Map preschool preview in January thinking maybe we'd line something up for the spring or following fall when he would be turning 3.  While I had seen their website before this is where my love of Treehouse really began. Just a few minutes talking with one of the teachers and I knew Treehouse was not like the other schools I'd looked at. It sounds cliche but it really is a special place. I went home and told him I'd found "the one" and set up a tour a few days later and he started not long after that.  


I really appreciated the fact that the schedule was flexible.  We started with 1-2 days a week, scheduled a few days in advance, and experimented with different times of day until we found what worked best for us.   He's now going 5 days a week and it's been really good for all of us.  He's learned so much, tells me about his day and clearly is having a lot of fun, burns energy I couldn't keep up with during the postpartum period, gets a break from brother life (and gives the baby some one on one time with mama) and overall is thriving.  


Drop offs were initially easy but when he went through a clingy phase around the birth of his brother all of the teachers were so good about making it as easy as possible.  They quickly learned what best distracted him and always greeted him with the hug he needed and a suggestion for an activity that would make him happy enough I could escape without too many tears.  And then they'd follow up with a text message that all was well.  And once or twice when he wasn't feeling so great they'd let me know so I could come pick him up early.  

We love that Treehouse has such a warm and nurturing staff, a clean and engaging facility with plenty of toys, art and sensory rooms, kids play together regardless of age, it's a play based program which I think is critical at this age, and they bring in a really nice variety of extracurricular activities - music, dance, yoga, soccer, etc. plus fun stuff like when they brought in baby kangaroos or raised baby chicks.  There's a great outdoor place space that gets used in almost all weather.  And, as the parent of a child who is clever and runs and climbs, it all feels very safe.

We really could not ask for more and look forward to the time when both our boys are old enough to spend their afternoons playing at The Treehouse."

Sacha P.

"My husband and I could not be more thrilled with the care and love our daughter has received at The Growing Tree Playcare. She started going 1 day a week at 3 months old and is now just over a year! We had a really tough time finding a care center that would not only take our kiddo one day a week, but had drop in options AND felt like home. From the minute we walked in, we knew this was THE PLACE we wanted her to go. 

She just squeals with excitement when we pull into the driveway every drop off day. She can barely stay awake as we turn the corner to leave, for I know she had a super fun and activity filled day. They send the sweetest update photos during the day and are amazing at staying in touch throughout her stay if need be. We plan on being a part of the Growing Tree Playcare family for years to come. Highly recommend!!!"

Anna S.

"Our family adores the Growing Tree! Words cannot adequately express the peace of mind that comes with knowing your young child is not only safe and well cared for during the day, but is truly loved by the caregivers and can play, learn, and grow in a warm, consistent, family-like environment. We love being a part of the Growing Tree and are thankful for Jessi, Alli, and the wonderful teachers partnering with us in caring for our little one."

Jessica C.

"Four years now and so happy! It's like a second home. We would describe the place in three words: loving, learning and laughing -couldn't ask for more as we grow with The Growing Tree each and every day!"

Karla S.

"We love the growing tree! We had a horrible time trying to find a daycare that felt just right we explored all options for child care including nannies and other larger daycare facilities. When we found the growing tree we fell in love quickly and knew this was the place for our daughter. It's proven to be true and five months later we love it even more."

Mandi P.

"The Treehouse is simply the BEST! As a former elementary school teacher and now as a teacher educator, I can emphatically say this place is just doing everything right! I have been home with our kiddos for three years and researched a lot to find out where we should land. From our first tour, I knew this is where we needed to be! Jessi and Alli have created a rich learning environment to cultivate children questioning, playing, cooperating, problem solving, discovering, and having fun! The facilities are beautiful and have such a cozy, welcoming feel. The curriculum is engaging and well-thought out and the best part of all, the people! Each of the teachers are truly incredible! They are extremely kind, communicative, and patient. Even though we have only been there a few weeks, they have fostered such a great relationship with us, working together to help our son adjust to preschool. We love The Treehouse and feel incredibly fortunate to have our children there!"

Erin B.

"We were lucky enough to stumble upon Growing Tree when looking for part-time care for my 2 year old son. They have cared for him over the past 4 months. We had toured  more structured/corporate daycare centers prior to Growing Tree and to be honest, part of me hesitated to use an in-home daycare. I have been continually impressed with Growing Tree and the work that Jessi and Alli are doing with these kids. They've found the perfect middle ground ... a fun/relaxed environment with an educational/structured school-like feel. They have an inviting space with lots of books, toys, artwork, creative space and a huge outdoor area. They keep the kids busy with circle time, curriculum themes, music, arts & crafts yet still fit in lots of play time. All meals are provided. They are always adding new activities (getting parents to come and teach the kids something,  book mobile visits, tumble bus visits, music programs). All ages (babies to 4/5 YO) play together which I think builds responsibility in the older kids and provides the younger kids with role models.
Our son is always coming home with really great keepsake art (I can't bring myself to throw any of it away). They manage their business professionally with timely parent updates, a great web presence, multiple ways to pay (check, cash, Square), check-in/out processes.
More than any of this, I feel like they love all of our kids and truly want them to feel part of a big family. I am very thankful to them for providing such a fun and loving environment for my child."

Shannon R

"I researched over 6 different preschools - onsite tours, open houses and preschool fairs.  I looked into Montessori, Goddard, Stem, Multi-language Immersion, and Play-based preschools.  I quickly realized how crucial a play-based approach is.  I wanted a warm, cozy, welcoming environment where my daughter had freedom to explore and play while learning.  Where teachers build lasting relationships with the kids, where my child isn't just a number but rather feels apart of a community - a family.  The Treehouse was the perfect fit.  

My daughter has been at Treehouse for just about year and has really thrived.  She is more confident, articulate and truly seems to love going to school.  It's such a relief to know my daughter is not only in great hands - but is growing and learning in such a positive and supportive environment. 

The preschool is very clean and organized.  It's feels 'homey'.  Specialists come to the school for yoga, music, and other activities.  The kiddos do a lot of art and play in the awesome backyard as much as possible.  Another bonus - the backyard is almost fully shaded - making outside play even better!  

Whenever I hear a parent is looking for childcare - I recommend The Treehouse!"

Lisa R.

"We love the Treehouse. The two owners genuinely believe and practice quality play-based learning-- which is nearly impossible to find in the Eastside area. The Treehouse has such well-thought out and organized toys and activities. This hands-on and play approach really allows kids to learn and navigate social skills at their best. There is structure and learning to the kids' day but it is not stifling like other preschools. The kids are jumping and laughing and lost in play with each other.  The kids have circle time, read books, have tons of art, science "labs", even music, art, dance, and play (Dizzy Bus!) specialists that visit. Such a rare and natural outdoor play area-- a large space with a "tree house" with slide, little kid houses, sandbox, music area, bike space, shovels, trucks, and more. The preschool space is super cozy and inviting space, with couches and pillows to relax on, warm colors and lighting. Super clean and always organized. We love every teacher-- they are so creative with the activities that they think of for the kids. Loving and positive with the kids, and great communication with parents!"


"We feel so lucky to have found the Growing Tree! Our 3 year old has been going here the last 2.5 years. I was nervous to have my baby in daycare but I had no reason to be. He loves going and is all smiles when I drop him off and pick him up. The providers love and care for him as well as help him develop new skills and keep me updated with pictures and accounts of his daily activities. I love that he has the opportunity to play with kids of varying ages. The Growing Tree has been amazing for our family and we hope to be with them a long time!"

Alison C.

"Our 2.5 year old son has been attending The Growing Tree/ Treehouse now for 2.5 years.  And all we can say is the caregivers are like family and our son feels like it is his second home.  The play/academic structure has allowed our son to develop and grow in so many areas and we believe it is due to their well implemented play care structure.  Having interactions with all ages let's our son learn from everyone as well.  Art, music, yoga, monthly themed lessons are all incorporated into their daily schedule.  At pick up it is often difficult to get our son to leave! We feel so lucky to have found a home daycare that we completely trust with our child.  We would recommend The Growing Tree/ Treehouse to any family looking for part-time or full-time care."

Paula F.

"Our 2.5 yo son has been going to the Growing Tree for 6 months now, and we couldn't be happier.  He had previously always been watched by his grandparents, but when he turned two we decided we wanted to enroll him somewhere he could learn to interact with other kids. We visited a bunch of daycare facilities, especially the big named ones, but none of them fit our schedule well and we had not heard the best reviews from a lot of them. 

We heard about the Growing Tree from another mom and initially we were drawn to them because of their flexibility.  But quickly we realized how much these teachers care and how much we love having them in our sons' life. He comes home and talks all about 'school'.  He has learned so much and asks to go to school almost every morning now. We couldn't have found a better place for our little man to go to and spend his mornings."

Jessica I.

"We love The Treehouse! what a wonderful place for little learners and explorers. I am so glad we found it. The teachers are truly caring and extremely knowledgeable. They are always warm, friendly and find time to fill me in on my little ones day. My son absolutely loves going to treehouse and every morning insists on going there. He has recently started telling me about his activities there and it always sounds so engaging and exciting. Don't be fooled thinking that a play based school won't be informative and educative for your child. on the contrary it is the best form of education your child could receive, as it is set at a pace your child is comfortable at! I am a huge supporter of play based preschool and highly recommend Treehouse to every parent out there."

Dipti S.

"I toured many daycare facilities before deciding on The Growing Tree and I have not had one regret. Many other centers came across as institutional and I felt that while my son would be clean and fed, he wouldn't be lovingly cared for. The Growing Tree has a warm feel, it is homey and the staff are caring and treat the children as individuals. I love that he gets to spend a lot of time outdoors (there is a huge yard with a big selection of toys, toy cars to ride around in, play house, etc.) and they are always doing things like music, arts and crafts, etc. Our son was cared for at home primarily for the first year, and this interaction with the other children has helped him come out of his shell and gain more abilities, I think due to wanting to emulate the bigger kids. Most important, I can go about my work day and feel confident that he is safe, comfortable and happy."

Laura S.

"Fun and loving environment! They are very flexible and will work with you to find the best schedule for your kiddo. Very cozy atmosphere and their style is a mix of Waldorf ( they spend a lot of time outside and have a lot of respect for the child, no focus on academics ), Montessori( hands-on learning, specific materials, child-led play) and Emilio Reggio( lots of focus on Art) but they've take the best of the methods and combined them so it's really great because personally I'm not a big fan of all the Montessori and Waldorf ideas. They have "specialists" that come in weekly; drama, music, yoga, I don't know if any other preschool that does this! And they don't charge you extra which is fantastic! The owners are very passionate about what they do and that really shines through, the teachers are also very sweet! Overall, we are very happy with our decision to choose the preschool for our daughter."

Nari N.

"We recently moved from Georgia, and I was trying to find a preschool for my almost 3 year old that allows him freedom to explore in a safe and loving environment.  I toured Treehouse, and I loved its emphasis on free play and nature.  My son has been attending for about three weeks now, and he really likes it.  He takes a little while to adjust to new places, and the teachers have been caring and patient.  I'm very happy to have found Treehouse."

Heather D.

"We love the Treehouse/Growing Tree!! This preschool is more like a second home to our son. He loves to go and is always excited to see his friends and teachers! He calls it his "hamster school" since they have pet guinea pigs. It's a very safe and welcoming environment. All the teachers always look happy and are very friendly. The administration is very open in communication and they send updates about our sons daily activities and what they are currently working on/learning. I would recommend this place to anyone!"

Corali D.

"Absolutely love this place, my daughter has been attending this day care since the opening and I couldn't have wished for a better place!! Teachers are absolutely amazing!!"

Nataliya L.

"This addition to Ali and Jesse's Growing Tree Playcare is not only a new branch of this fantastic business-it is a block away from where my daughter spent her first 3 years making it an easier transition. The Treehouse is a newly renovated daycare with exciting spaces to play and create. Children are typically older when they graduate from the Growing Tree to the Treehouse and the educators have catered this experience towards more independent play and education. With arts and craft rooms, a big backyard with a playhouse for outdoor play and even two class pet guinea pigs: Pablo and Kevin the Treehouse is a fun place for kids of all personalities. 

My daughter loves the Treehouse and the educators clearly know what they're doing when it comes to making kids happy and healthy and ready for Kindergarten.

Violet W.

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