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4 hour Pre-Kindergarten; for 4’s and 5’s

Focus on Kindergarten readiness skills and social emotional development through play & nature. 



In the Treehouse Pre-K program, the whimsy and wonder of childhood is embraced! Children have years of academic schooling in their future, so during their pre-kindergarten year they are encouraged to get messy, learn through mistakes, and have fun! A progressive curriculum is designed and adapted throughout the year to fit the needs and interests of each child to prepare them both socially and academically for kindergarten.


Science, literacy and mathematics are integrated into everyday activities, such as process art, dramatic play, group activities, and outside time.  Children continue to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically, while building the independence and confidence they will need to succeed in future academic settings. But most importantly, children will discover the world through their own eyes through playing, creating, and exploring.


Pre-K is offered Monday-Friday mornings from 7:45am-11:45am and Monday-Thursday afternoons from 12:15pm-4:15pm. Families can choose any schedule of days and may also add additional drop-in days as needed.  Snack is provided, morning children bring a lunch from home.


Enrichment specialists come to the classroom throughout the week teaching music, dance, yoga, wood working, tumble bus, and soccer.

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